05 Apr 2024

Happy First Friday!

It’s already April, and that means another month of great photography ahead and a look back at last month in Hipstamatic.

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03 Apr 2024

Weekend Challenge Results

Congratulations to the Top Nine photographers in our Vibrant Street Art Challenge. It was so inspiring to see such amazing urban artwork from around the world, and picking just nine favorites proved to be a challenge for us!

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16 Mar 2024

Saturday Top Nine

Featuring Trina, Ilse Neugebauer , Arina F., Stan Strange, anvor, DJ Paine, Kevin Casey, Lucas Buick , and Christine.mignon@a1.net.


13 Mar 2024

Bug Fixes

Update 10.1.2 is now available and contains a number of bug fixes and improvements. Here is the latest:

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01 Mar 2024

First Friday ⏵ Monthly Rewind

It’s already March and that means it’s time to celebrate our photographic achievements from the last month. We released an app update with a new Flipbook feature to help you do just that!

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01 Mar 2024

First Friday ⏵ Challenge Results

We’re excited to announce the winners of February’s Photo Challenge and look ahead to next month.

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02 Feb 2024

Photo Challenges are Here

The new 10.1 update includes a brand new feature for the Hipstamatic Community. Introducing Challenges: shoot together around various themes, track your progress on Daily Leaderboards, and be rewarded if you achieve “Best in Show”!

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18 Jan 2024

Latest Updates

Today we released updates to both Hipstamatic and Classic Camera. You can now share photos directly from Classic to Hipstamatic, and we’ve fixed several bugs and improved performance.

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05 Jan 2024

First Friday of 2024

We have some big announcements to make today.

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31 Dec 2023

Happy New Year

2024 ▶ The Year of The Square

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26 Dec 2023

Introducing “Cheat Codes”

There is a hidden world of special non-standard yet delightful features tucked away inside of the Hipstamatic Camera.

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14 Dec 2023

Welcome to Hipstamatic 10

Shoot more, edit never. Hipstamatic Model 10 comes with an all-new analog camera experience and tons of novel toy camera goodies.

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13 Dec 2023

Update to v10 for a New Camera Experience

We have completely reinvented the Hipstamatic Camera with Model 10.

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15 Sep 2023

Make it an Impressionist Weekend

Try out our latest preset and turn your weekend photography into a plein-air painting.

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03 Sep 2023

v9.2 Update

Our next big update is here, which includes a top community feature request: @mentions.

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16 Aug 2023

The Fitzroy HipstaPak

A new preset is now available for all Makers Club members. Inspired by Melbourne, Australia, this preset creates a cross-process-like filter with the Brunswick 9 film and Charles A lens contributing contrasting effects.

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02 Aug 2023

New Update ⏵ Web Profiles

We are thrilled to announce an exciting update for the Hipstamatic community – the launch of our brand-new Web Profiles!

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29 Jul 2023

New Feature ⏵ Top Nine™

Save the best for first with your Top Nine™

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28 Jul 2023

Major v9.1 Update

Today we’re excited to drop our first major update to the new Hipstamatic. Say hello to Top Nine, non-expiring photos, and an all new Search and Discovery experience.

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18 Jul 2023

New Death Valley Preset

It’s hot this month, so we’ve journeyed to the hottest place on the planet for inspiration.

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02 Jun 2023

June First Friday

Celebrate Pride with a new preset inspired by rainbows and moonbeams. Featuring the Plymouth lens and Sun 55 film, this preset creates lots of unexpected results.

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07 May 2023

Share a Membership Pass

Exclusively for members, invite your friends to Hipstamatic and gift them a free month membership pass to the Makers Club!

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05 May 2023

New First Friday Preset

A fresh update to one of our oldest signature lenses and inspired by our very own Aravind Kaimal, the new Trivandrum Preset is now available.

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04 May 2023

v9.0.3 Update

The latest update is now available with many bug fixes and a few new features. Here is the latest:

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07 Apr 2023

First Friday!

The new Uji Preset is now available for Makers Club Members, which features the Murasaki 1000 lens and Sakura 23 film.

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07 Apr 2023

v9.0.2 Bug Fixes and More

The latest update contains some requested bug fixes as well as a few minor enhancements. Thanks for the feedback!

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22 Mar 2023

Welcome Back to Hipstamatic

Enjoy the quirk and randomness of analog photography, now with a social network designed to be the best retro home for your snapshots.

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