02 Feb 2024

Photo Challenges are Here

The new 10.1 update includes a brand new feature for the Hipstamatic Community. Introducing Challenges: shoot together around various themes, track your progress on Daily Leaderboards, and be rewarded if you achieve “Best in Show”!

Challenges represent the beginning of where we are taking First Friday this year. It is a way for us all to come together each month, celebrate what happened in the last month, and look forward to what is ahead with new inspiration and motivation to shoot more photos.

While Challenges will have Leaderboards so you can track your submissions, finalists will always be selected by a panel of judges. Getting lots of kudos helps you be seen, but ultimately the winners will be selected based on photographic merit.

Our first challenge is Abstract Love. It will run through February with results announced for March’s First Friday. Best in Show will receive a Leica Sofort 2!

Challenge Details