Deus ex Capturis

Become a Hipstamatic Camera Club Member

Being Hipstamatic member means extraordinary access to a suite of analog-inspired creative photography tools, all while supporting the community’s mission. Here's the perks:

  • Unlock the entire Hipstamatic Supply Catalog, which includes over a decade of lenses and films for endless combinations of custom photo effects
  • Get all our Signature Cameras, custom tuned for one-button stunning photo effects often using the latest iPhone hardware technology
  • Early access to new cameras arriving several times per year
  • Unlimited camera building and editing of existing cameras
  • Verified @Usernames to control your socials
  • Custom Kudos Stickers going beyond simply smiling or liking photos
  • Most importantly, All The Love because your support keeps Hipstamatic ad-free and your data out of the hands of 3rd parties

A note from our founders Here’s the deal: Hipstamatic isn’t in the business of collecting data and milking eyeballs. We aren’t trying to addict you to endlessly scrolling for content. We built Hipstamatic because we love the joy that analog photography brings us. Shooting photos with intent and purpose; yet we recognize and celebrate that not all photographs need to be hung on the wall of a gallery. Shooting from the hip is an ethos and helps us not just capture but experience the moments we each live.

Your membership ensures that we continue to build for our common good and without the influence of wall street or VCs. Thank you for supporting our amazing community and continuing to help us put people before profits, and creative exploration before algorithms.

Cheers and Deus Ex Capturis,
Lucas & Ryan