03 Sep 2023

v9.2 Update

Our next big update is here, which includes a top community feature request: @mentions.

Tag others with @Mentions
Type someone's @handle into a Comment or the caption of your Photo post to "mention" them (which will notify and add to their activity list)

Community Safety Features
You are now able to Block users, which will hide their content from public feeds and prevent them from interacting with you (posting comments or kudos on your content or following you)

Photo Moderation
You can "report photos" which will be sent to the Hipstamatic team for review and potential deletion or hiding

▶ New preset, interface updates, and more
• The 'Impressionist' preset is now available
• Updated Activity Feed UI with readability improvements
• New Album picker available in the main Photos view, for easy access to other photo albums
• Other bug fixes and improvements