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17 Feb 2024

“Morning view”

17 Feb 2024

14 Feb 2024

“Never too late ❤️ Kiddo drew this and said it was me, chose a magnet and hung it on the fridge. Magic.”

11 Feb 2024

“Oh Laura, you’re more than a superstar (Amanda Palmer, Brendan Maclean)”

09 Feb 2024

“Yesterday’s snow and sand dunes”

08 Feb 2024

“I was so sure I posted a photo earlier with caption “Dear Old Winter, why’d you come back?” But apparently not, so here’s another one, and what I’m actually doing is repairing this fence cause “who let the dogs out” and Dear Old Winter why didn’t you leave? #noloveinsight”

06 Feb 2024

“untold stories”

06 Feb 2024


05 Feb 2024