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06 Dec 2023

“spider web dew drops”

05 Dec 2023

“fond memories of Alaska trip”

05 Dec 2023

“at the end of the food tour that started from Dotonbori to Shinsekai in Osaka”

03 Dec 2023

“on the way to a holiday party”

02 Dec 2023

“it rained again last night but it’s starting to clear up. 56°, overcast clouds in San Francisco”

29 Nov 2023

“before I left Japan I bought several postcards from different cities I visited and these woodblock print postcards I bought in Kyoto were too beautiful to send. I kept a couple, like this one, but I sent out several in other styles/prints. Not sure if I’m the only one who buys postcards and keeps them ☺️”

29 Nov 2023

“59°, scattered clouds”

24 Nov 2023

“41°, broken clouds in Yokodaidō”

24 Nov 2023

“heading back to tokyo”