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18 Feb 2024

“shuffling off this mortal coil”

10 Feb 2024

“The green hills are poppin’ after the recent rains! 💚”

29 Jan 2024

“I was watching the stratocumulus clouds all day today and had a feeling sunset would be lit 🔥”

27 Jan 2024

“‘see into the trees’ 🌳🎶”

22 Jan 2024

“I’ve bypassed this amazing horse 🐎 ranch sign many times. This time I stopped. Love the cutout design showcasing the background foliage and mossy oak tree.”

20 Jan 2024

“The locks that have appeared on the fencing at Battery Spencer in the last couple of years has gotten wildly out of control! 😳😱”

20 Jan 2024


20 Jan 2024

“These starlings flew in as I was composing this photo. Thank you birds! Pescadeo is a charming little town between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz along HWY 1.”

17 Jan 2024

“two is better than one, pt. 2”