Formerly employed by the Pope of Eruke. Diagnosed with a vague and grave disease by Dr. Sam Goldfarb. Misdiagnosed as ENTJ-T by web quizzes.


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21 Dec 2023

17 Dec 2023

14 Oct 2023


30 Sep 2023

“Insiders can’t handle the heat. I can’t either. Posted from a room cooled to 68℉”

08 Sep 2023

02 Sep 2023

30 Aug 2023

“Toffer: Oh you took a dust bath but didn’t take any of it off? Danielle: Yes but I kept some on me for Fiona. Toffer: What do you mean? Danielle: I love her, but know she might not be around for much longer. So I wanted to show her ghosts don’t have to be scary and I’m not scared of them.”

30 Jul 2023

30 Jul 2023