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Newfoundland, Canada

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16 Mar 2024

“When you cannot choose which frame or colour of transition lens to get …get them all 😝🥸”

14 Mar 2024

“Setting sun off in a distance. I really love the two stained glass birds. I got them at a farmers market some years ago.”

10 Mar 2024

“Mt. Fuji part 2.”

10 Mar 2024

“Going through my Japan pictures again. I can’t wait to travel again! Mt. Fuji part 1.”

10 Mar 2024

“There’s a road somewhere between the lens and those houses.”

09 Mar 2024

“Tiny Salt-Box style houses with clotheslines on pieces of driftwood. Taken just for Hildegunn (@Sool).”

09 Mar 2024


09 Mar 2024

“-1° C, Snow and Blowing Snow. St. John’s, NL. ”

08 Mar 2024

“My handsome boy!”