MrHatmando is the musical entity and inspiration behind every piece of music produced by Paul Grant. Paul (MrHatmando) Grant is a composer, arranger and musician who creates music for a wide range of genres in keeping with his varied musical experience from his time as a session musician. He counts Giorgio Moroder, the godfather of modern dance music amongst his musical heroes, along with Philip Glass and Michael Nyman.

Newton Le Willows

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24 Jul 2024

“On The Waterfront Liverpool”

24 Jul 2024

“On The Docks Liverpool…”

21 Jul 2024

“Peace Lily Love…”

21 Jul 2024

“Morning Freshness…”

18 Jul 2024

“Morning Sun”

18 Jul 2024

“Dolly Tub”

17 Jul 2024

“21°, scattered clouds in Newton-le-Willows Day Lily”

14 Jul 2024

“15°, overcast clouds in Newton-le-Willows”

10 Jul 2024

“Rescued Seal of Approval”