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11 Apr 2024

“For @jennyfur here’s my copy I read b4 bed to help me sleep and cut down on blue light from phone & laptop 💻 and it works! Am enjoying the novel so far📖👋🏼😄”

11 Apr 2024

“Swaying in the wind #DogwoodSeason”

10 Apr 2024

“He was on his phone 📱”

10 Apr 2024

“Graduation photo session (pt.2) of my daughter’s friend by the butterfly bench 🦋”

09 Apr 2024

“Raining off and on had to get my miles and workout at the gym instead 🏃🏻‍♀️👟”

08 Apr 2024

“Throwback to August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse with family and MIL on my front yard…it rained here today and didn’t get to see this year’s 2024 🌘😎”

07 Apr 2024

“From this morning’s Grad Photo session with my daughter’s friend 📸 pt.1”

07 Apr 2024

“Lemon Yellow 🍋💛💛”

07 Apr 2024

“In the midst of moving out”